Action Syndical des Etudiants de Grenoble

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Who are we?

The Grenoble Student Union Action (Action Syndicale des Etudiants de Grenoble) is a student action union based in the french city of Grenoble, link to the Student Union Federation (Fédération Syndicale Etudiante) in France.

Our organisation operating according principles of direct democracy. Being part of a federation means have independence vis-à-vis the national structure, and build from the local to the national. We are independent of any political party.

We are fighting in socials movements for a social, public, secular, free, critical and popular educational service. We fight for the satisfaction of immediate and daily demands to (for housing assistance, foreigners students rights, Registration problems, etc.) as well as a overall change in society.

For more details on our lines of thought, see the enclosed chart : chart of the student union fédération.

(and soon in some other langages than english)


To contact us for any help,

To contact us for any information,

Or to contact us to join us and argue with us

Come to meet us or send us an email



we organize twice a week permanences:

  • every Tuesday from 12h to 14h in our local J02 in the patio of Stendhal.
  • every Thursday from 12h to 14h in our room at the Agora of the UPMF.

You are welcome !



education is not for sale

The union is our tool, the solidarity is our strenght !


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